Who We Are

Ascension Wealth Partners is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) established in January, 2008.  The firm is privately owned and operated by its founders, Kory K. Swekla, CFA and Michael R. Sappington who combined have over fourty-seven years of investment industry experience.  As an RIA, we are held to a very high ethical standard, acting as a fiduciary for our clients.  This means that we must always place the interests of our clients first when investing their portfolios. In our view, this can only be accomplished by structuring our firm with no conflicts of interest.  Therefore:

-         We are a fee only investment advisor which ties our compensation to your success.

-         We only receive compensation from our clients – we do not receive sales commissions, sales loads, or any transaction-oriented compensation.

-         All assets that we manage are held in individual brokerage accounts at major, independent brokerage firms. We do not directly custody any of our clients’ assets.

Kory K. Swekla, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and President

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Kory has over twenty-two years of financial services industry experience.  After moving to the United States from Canada in late 2000, he earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002.  Kory has managed portfolios for high net worth individuals at firms in both Canada and the United States.  His dedication to providing his clients with the best investment approach and the highest standards of service led him to establish Ascension Wealth Partners where he enjoys the freedom to continue to improve the client experience.

Michael R. Sappington

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

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Mike has over twenty-five years of financial services industry experience.  During that time, he worked for several investment firms, each taking a very different approach to delivering advice and service to investors.  These included full service and discount brokerage, bank brokerage, and Registered Investment Advisory firms.  This experience gave Mike a unique insight into the pros and cons of choosing an investment advisor in terms of advice and service quality, cost, and ultimately investor success and satisfaction.  It became evident that the independent Registered Investment Advisor approach clearly put the investor first and was the model that Mike wanted to adopt.  After working with Kory for several years and sharing his passion for the best investment approach and client service, Mike joined Kory in the establishment of Ascension Wealth Partners.