Our Commitment


Our investment approach is based on decades of academic research dedicated to answering the question of where returns come from and understanding how investor behavior affects investment results.  As this body of work continues to evolve, we are committed to growing with it, making sure to incorporate improvements in our investment philosophy and our communication and guidance we provide to our clients.


We are committed to giving our clients our full attention.  This not only means responding quickly to inquiries and reviewing progress on a regular basis, but striving to be proactive, anticipating client issues before they arise.  We maintain relationships with several top financial professionals in the areas of accounting, law, insurance and lending.  If you have a need or question that is beyond our scope, we want to make sure you are directed to trusted resources that can help.


We are strongly committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients.  Financial professionals are often given the advice that you will be more successful if you provide a good or service that you believe in because your clients will sense that belief and you will gain their trust.  We agree.  Academic science, real world results, and our own industry experience have combined to foster our trust in our approach and ourselves.  When combined with our dedication to improvement and service, we feel confident that our clients trust in us will start on a firm footing and continue to grow for years to come.