Welcome to Ascension Wealth Partners, LLC

Our mission at Ascension Wealth Partners is to provide investors with the academic information, behavioral tools, individual support, and ongoing guidance and encouragement that will help them graduate to a new level of success. You can do better, and we are here to help.

At Ascension its all about the client.

Ascension Wealth Partners was founded on the belief that investors can do better. Investors can achieve greater success with less risk, stress, and cost.  The foundation for this belief comes from our years of experience in working with investors and our passion for the academic study of financial markets and investor behavior.

Investors can take their investment experience to a higher level.  We have found that when investors are introduced to the proven investing principles that have been established through decades of academic study, they begin to understand not only  where investment returns come from, but how different investment risks affect their results. When investors begin to understand how human nature affects investing decisions, they become empowered when they realize that changes in their behavior not only lead to better results, but to a more fulfilling investment experience, breeding confidence in their financial future.